Thursday, August 31, 2006

Game; or, "In ambivalent aspirations"

Pick words from a book, any book, one at a time. Write them down, as they come. Then, without changing the order (and deleting no more than 2-3 words and changing the tense of no more than 1 word), see what you have. It usually surprises. You feel like a baby Stein or a Surrealist game player or a writer of fortune cookies in translation.

Taken from A Postmodern Reader

Nothing of power is
certainly music:
the points without design
characterize their greatness.
Across knowledge, my legitimate attention
(curiously well-known)
brings emancipation.

Remold wishes, liberating sense. (And very good advice it is, too.)
Conservative condition (made practical) assumes its own time.
In ambivalent aspirations: challenging the groove.


Blogger aporeticatlanta said...

Wait a minute...isn't this how 'Postmodern Readers' get written in the first place?

6:44 AM  
Blogger betsytacy said...

Touché, my dear. Touché.

9:19 AM  

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