Thursday, August 10, 2006

Been Doing

11 days.
8 stops.
For the best of the best, see
Maine photos coming soon.

A summary:

Night one
•Patty Duke is not herself the Miracle Worker.
•Casinos are sad, but bathrooms are awesome.
•Nocturnal conversations. (Shamrocks, humans with cords?) I wear earplugs so that I can’t hear myself talk (Apologies to Sean, who doesn’t and did).

Night two
Oh, the day has been so very hot. I buy socks that glow in the dark and ride a cycle side saddle.
Jussi, Heather, Sean, Gordon M. make a musical that asks the following questions:
Should he or shouldn’t he? And what about these?

Night three
Road. Portsmouth suite. And in the morning: the Friendliest of all the Toasts.
Is it wrong to want to live inside a restaurant? Because I do.
See it here.

Nights four, five
Spent among the delightful Portlanders (Emily and Casey), who have not only the most charming house above an excellent restaurant, but also cool waters close to home and the option for constant (private) rooftop drinks. Not to mention the custard! And the cherries!
And the charmingly orange and well-loved public library!
I’m all but ready to move.

Night six
Stevie is a dog who doesn’t want you to leave.
We Love Night, Dance all hours.

Nights seven, eight
The Event: pre, post. ( J&S wedding)
Wedding and then some. The Solemnizer (Gordon Merrick) claps out the pace at which he wants all party members to walk. We enjoy singing and shuttle rides.

Night nine
Friends are electric.
Gary Numan fans wear doo-rags and like the chug chug.
He himself is a bit of a Jagged little pill.
(Goodnight to Ashford Terrace.)

Night 10
We find ourselves on a Virginia estate, eating squash blossoms and avocado and perusing an 18th century Bible. There is a signed note from Mr. Abe Lincoln and a spring house, a smoke house, a first house, a second house, a music house, and The House. All things are beautiful.

We drive away home.


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