Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Everything is sad*

I say it of things too often: “That is sad. And that is sad. And that and that and that.”
But this really is.

I keep thinking about the bold black line and the words: “No one.” You always read those little articles about lonely widows in nursing homes whose children have abandoned them, about those homeless vets who no longer remember their childhood or their last name. But there’s something about this black line, moving upward, that is so much worse. No one? Really?

Yes, apparently. It is a Trend.

*When dough is heavy from having failed to rise, people call it sad.

(Chart is from The New York Times Magazine, July 16, 2006)


Blogger tapa girl said...

Well, as Meg has suggested that I can win a prize (I prefer Oreos to pieces of her heart, however) by being one of the first to post a comment, I have selected the "everything is sad" chat. I am absurdly competitve, I know.

Yes, it is sad, but being the annoying problem-solver that I am, I have to ask what has contributed to this trend? Television is always blamed- the internet a close second...these are just scapegoats, I think. We have every opportunity to make new friends, both in our neighborhoods and throughout the world, so why don't we? Isn't it interesting that we are confiding more and more in spouses despite the high rate of divorce?

Perhaps we are so busy looking for a spouse in whom to confide that we are neglecting our other friends? And, having found that perfect listener, do we then monopoloze this spouse, spouting one innermost feeling after another to the exclusion of anyone else, until we drive him or her away from sheer exhaustion?

Well, I for one intend to chat up my spouse and friends, looking for the odd new friend to rotate in lest any of my old acquaintances peter out.

8:57 AM  
Blogger psonica said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

7:36 PM  

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